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Looking for custom furniture?
Art Woodstone has what you need.


3D Rendering

Finished work

Whether you are looking for an elaborate custom entertainment center or a simple coffee table, Art Woodstone’s custom design process ensures that you are going to get exactly what you are looking for.

The process begins with a free in-home design consultation where two or more artists will meet with you to discuss the particular ideas of your vision. After the general function and style are determined, the measurements and photographs are taken of the space.

The information gathered during the design consultation is used to create 3-D computer renderings by our in-house graphic designer. If desired, the artist can digitally re-create your room and design the furniture within it ? that way you will know exactly how the piece is going to look in your home. Often times it is desirable to have a number of designs created as they act a starting point for conversation about the designs.

During a second meeting, or by email, your likes and dislikes of the design are discussed, and if necessary, changes are made. This process continues ? the designs evolve ? until you see exactly what you are looking for. Once a final design is settled upon wood, color, and finish samples are provided for you to choose from.

The fee for the renderings vary, depending on the scope of the project, but is applied to the final cost of the project. (see price breakdown)

Ballpark estimates can be determined any time during the process but final costs are not determined until a design is settled upon.

Art Woodstone Custom Furniture
Computer Rendering Price Breakdown



$ 275
$ 375
$ 450
$ 450

$ 350
$ 475
$ 575
$ 575

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